Gemma Lynch Memory


Inside Gemma’s studio is a quiet reverence broken only by the sound of the careful application to her creative process. Spanning over two and a half decades and 33 solo exhibitions, it’s a process as introspective and individual as the artist herself.

Her actions are purposeful and convey a sense of urgency as she seeks to capture the essence of ephemeral inspiration. There is a constant referencing to an open journal of sketched ideas and musings that form the seeds of creative conception. But it is only during the actual application of paint on canvas that her subconscious concepts emerge and bloom.

Several pieces are worked on simultaneously so as to best manage the various stages of drying and curing paints. Warm, luminous liquid varnishes are honey-poured over surfaces to create mirror-like finishes. The studio atmosphere is occasionally disturbed by the sound of a powered sander or dremel drill as they’re used to create fine abstract marks and details.

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