Ferris Wheel

Amanda Cook


I love painting objects that take me back to my own childhood. When taking photographs with a film camera held so much joy, knowing we had that one precious chance to get it right and it could be a few days before finding out. The sweet sound of the coffee grinder in the kitchen followed by the delicious smell of the brew and how exciting it was to get the perfect ice cream scoop, not leaving any remnants under the lever. These are irreplaceable and wonderful memories that I try to capture.


I am heavily influenced by the people around me, their hobbies, our memories and conversations. I love painting portraits of any type, as well as iconic objects in nostalgic scenes. I paint in acrylics and watercolour. 


The joy I feel delivering a portrait or scene, knowing I have captured a very special moment in time is what drives me to paint more.

Lempert’s work excites both the cycling and art communities alike and has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces worldwide. Including Apex Art - NY, Elk Gallery - Brooklyn, the City Reliquary - Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Greenway Alliance,  Fishes Eddy NYC, Collier West Brooklyn, M. Chase Space - NYC,  and Guari Collections - Boston,  In addition to her painting, Lempert uses her original cycling imagery to license and self publish an array of other items such as limited edition prints, calendars, jigsaw puzzles,  postcards, coloring books and more.  In 2005 she began selling her work at street fairs and flea markets in NYC, including the Brooklyn Flea where she is a regular vendor.  Over the years she has worked with such clients as The NYC DOT Urban Arts Program, The Museum of Modern Art Design Store,  Paul Smith, Blue Stockings, Legami, Heye and Taking the Lane.

works available...

Elma Grinder

Water Kettle


Rotary Phone

Chevron Typewriter


Vintage Singer


Tea Strainer

Single Scoop

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