Ferris Wheel

Anita Mertzlin


Melbourne born artist Anita Mertzlin is a nurturer, observer and collector. Having studied Graphic Design at Swinburne CAE, Melbourne then drawing at Prahran College, Melbourne, she taught herself to paint through trial and error. Mertzlin’s technique has evolved over time to achieve both speed, and the ability to express the narratives that are the product of her fertile imagination.

Now an established fine artist and muralist, having exhibited in upwards of 15 solo shows and many more group shows, Mertzlin has also illustrated two children’s books and has had work acquired for collections around the world.

For over twenty five years Lempert has been painting pictures bicycles from observation, often borrowing bikes from friends, colleagues or for a commission.

She has painted notable cyclists over the years including Connie Carpenter’s 1984 Olympic win road bike, Jaquie Phelan’s Championship winning Cunningham, Andy Hampsten’s 1988 Giro winning Land Shark and Greg LeMond’s 1990 Tour de France winning LeMond road bike. Lempert’s work excites both the cycling and art communities alike and has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces worldwide. Including Apex Art – NY, Elk Gallery – Brooklyn, the City Reliquary – Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Greenway Alliance,  Fishes Eddy NYC, Collier West Brooklyn, M. Chase Space – NYC,  and Guari Collections – Boston,  In addition to her painting, Lempert uses her original cycling imagery to license and self publish an array of other items such as limited edition prints, calendars, jigsaw puzzles,  postcards, coloring books and more.  In 2005 she began selling her work at street fairs and flea markets in NYC, including the Brooklyn Flea where she is a regular vendor.  Over the years she has worked with such clients as The NYC DOT Urban Arts Program, The Museum of Modern Art Design Store,  Paul Smith, Blue Stockings, Legami, Heye and Taking the Lane.

works available...

Winged Fawn - linen

Persimmon - linen

Oak Leaves - linen

Duck On Hat - linen

New Fox Cub - velvet

New Fox Cub - linen


Moth Rabbit - velvet

Acorns - velvet


Brown Rabbit - velvet

Gouldian Finch - linen

Magpie On Hat - linen

Green Rabbit - linen

Blue Willow Rabbit - Linen

Apples And Ribbon - Linen

Apples And Teacup - linen

Black Rabbit Bolster - linen

Alighting II - Linen

Storm in a Teacup - Velvet

White Rabbit - Velvet

Cranberry Willow Rabbit -Linen

Charcoal Willow Rabbit - Linen

Red Apples - Linen

Man in the Moon - Linen

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