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mitchellmaker is the creation of Carolyn Mitchell, a designer and architect based in Sydney’s Paddington. Handmade in her Paddington home studio, and drawing upon her training and love of traditional craft and design, her tactile pieces are strong and timeless, and a little bit quirky.

Sustainability is inherent in her ethos, and Carolyn reuses as much as possible, designing to suit the material dimensions and form. Her pieces are made from recycled sterling silver, upcycled silver-plate, and vintage and antique items, transformed into wearable jewellery and unique objects.

The cast range is made from recycled sterling silver, using the lost wax method. Heirloom, found and recycled objects are used to apply texture to the wax forms before casting, creating simple but bold pieces of jewellery. Sterling silver, linen, silk and knotting cord are used to create earrings, pendants and rings.

Plated is a range made from upcycled silverplate, and features utensils and dishes formed by hand into a range of useful tools. Condiment dishes, cheese knives, salt spoons, tea scoops and servers are made using every piece of the silver-plate, and earrings and pendants are formed from offcuts to ensure nothing is wasted. 

Carolyn has also created a bespoke selection of new jewellery for Ferris Wheel made from antique and vintage elements – silver mesh coin purses, sterling silver fobs, hallmarked thimbles and cufflinks, and much more, are given a new life with feature stitching and colour. 

mitchellmaker – a creative at heart and maker of many things.

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