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Dean Vella


Impressionist artist Dean Vella’s paintings are all about emotion.

It is not the realistic representation Dean strives to portray, but rather the strength of energy and color found in all of his subjects. Dean’s use of vibrant colors and amazing texture creates a sense of connection with the subject that makes it come alive and linger long after the visual experience.

After graduating from Broken Hill Technical College in 1978, Dean launched his art career.  His work was initially shown in galleries throughout Australia where, thanks to its “feel good” nature, Dean’s art quickly gained in popularity.   His first sell-out show was in Sydney in 1997.  In 1999, Dean was voted one of Australia’s top 100 artists by Australian Art Collector Magazine.

Drawing on the vibrant surroundings of his current home in northern Queensland, Dean’s paintings often illustrate Flowers, tropical fish, native birds, and other scenes of natural beauty, which evoke feelings of happiness and ease through their generous use of bold colors. “The bright colors are the result of my observations of nature; in reality they are not exaggerated, but true to life,” says Dean.  In recent years, Dean’s work has been the subject of many international gallery exhibitions, as well as solo gallery shows.  In addition, Dean is the first Western artist whose work has been hung in the Guangdong Museum in China. By developing his own distinct and easily recognizable style, Dean has established himself among the best contemporary artists.


Asked to describe his work, Dean simply says, “Art has no rules, color has no boundaries”.

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Sunflowers And Bees

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