Ferris Wheel

Rowena Dean


Artist Rowena Dean has been creating and exhibiting her work for the past 25 years. She also has a broad art teaching background, working with both adults and children alike.

Rowena’s sensitivity and love for the land, nature and animals is imbued thoughtfully in her oil paintings. She carries a deep affinity with animals, and this intuition translates into her artwork, where she instinctively captures their expression and behaviour. Her works also closely reflect the dynamic and rugged landscapes of the Southern Tablelands, as well as an inviting glance into her serene home life in the Southern Highlands.

Lempert’s work excites both the cycling and art communities alike and has been exhibited in galleries and alternative spaces worldwide. Including Apex Art - NY, Elk Gallery - Brooklyn, the City Reliquary - Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Greenway Alliance,  Fishes Eddy NYC, Collier West Brooklyn, M. Chase Space - NYC,  and Guari Collections - Boston,  In addition to her painting, Lempert uses her original cycling imagery to license and self publish an array of other items such as limited edition prints, calendars, jigsaw puzzles,  postcards, coloring books and more.  In 2005 she began selling her work at street fairs and flea markets in NYC, including the Brooklyn Flea where she is a regular vendor.  Over the years she has worked with such clients as The NYC DOT Urban Arts Program, The Museum of Modern Art Design Store,  Paul Smith, Blue Stockings, Legami, Heye and Taking the Lane.

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Isa Brown Hens

The Red Yarn


Red Fox





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